Danny Smith is an artist, curator, and art historian. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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Walking Tour

A wall-mounted sculpture broadcasting eleven recordings made across the city of Rome. The sounds - celebrating at wedding on the Capitoline Hill, boys cheering and shouting and singing after a football game, a road mender tapping cobblestones in the shadow of the Arch of Constantine - are both cacophonous and distinct. The sources of sound are unclear, the routes those sounds take from the visible Mp3 boards to the tiny, tinny speakers in imperceptible.

The piece inverts the structure of a walking tour, collapsing the expanse of the city into bounded, gridded box and using the the headphones designed for tourguides to whisper into the ears of their tourists to convey the noises of the city.
Eleven-channel audio sculpture.

Pine, MDF, Plexiglas, Mp3 Boards, Disposable Headphones.

24” x 36 “ x 10”