Danny Smith is an artist, curator, and art historian. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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Miracole de Roma

Miracole de Roma is an ongoing project about the sonic and historical landscape of Rome. The work consists of binaural field recordings made at every site listed in the Miracole de Roma, a thirteenth-century pilgrims' guide to the city and the first guidebook to Rome written in vulgate Italian.

Some of the sites today survive as they are described - the Colosseum, the Lateran Basilica - others have been demolished and replaced with streets, bars, or monuments to later histories.
In June of 2021 Miracole de Roma was installed in a stretch of the Aqua Traiana, a first-century Roman aqueduct under the American Academy in Rome.

This installation was supported by the American Academy in Rome and the Europe Center, Stanford University.

Sample Tracks: